Bristol Condition is proud of its long lineage – started in 1987 by Robert White; the company’s legacy is a testament to its enduring values. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the company has eight full-time employees who maintain White’s unwavering commitment and impeccable quality.

White started in the marine industry as a deckhand, eventually becoming a licensed boat captain. He lays claim to being the private captain for one of the most notable and colorful characters ever – Evil Knievel. The famed motorcycle daredevil was a true boating affection ado, owning 11 yachts ranging from an 87’ Broward to 120’ Feadship.

Managing luxury yachts underscored White’s appreciation for the finest in quality and workmanship. His involvement reinforced that true quality requires attention to detail. In addition, his years of managing luxury vessels made him realize that yacht coatings and finishing required something more than skill and knowledge – it demanded artisans.

More often frustrated by poor workmanship or procrastination, White turned his attention to yacht services, launching Bristol, the premiere provider of yacht coatings and finishing.