When it’s time to apply coatings or finishes to a luxury vessel, an owner has serious choices to consider. These include whether to haul the vessel, which company should do the work, and what method of application is best. To this point, owners and captains should understand the consequences and benefits of their decisions.

Often, hauling is required to put the vessel into a controlled environment, such as a shed or tent. This special environment is needed when applying coatings or finishes when using a spray process. The cost and time required to service a vessel using this method is expensive and lengthy.

When circumstances permit, a vessel may be sprayed while the vessel is still in the water. Although it eliminates the time and expense of hauling, it still requires extensive preparations to ensure that the environment and surrounding vessels are safe from overspray. The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) has stringent standards that require the safety of air quality during spraying operations. Meeting these standards is expensive and ultimately increases the cost of the job.

In addition to E.P.A. regulations, spraying normally restricts concurrent activities from being performed on the vessel. As such, the time the vessel is out of service is unnecessarily protracted, often adding to the expense.

Alternative Application

There is a better method of applying marine coatings and finishes – brushing. Done by skilled and experienced artisans, the brushing method is far superior to spraying, and with substantially lower costs and delays. For more than three decades, Bristol has brushed thousands of luxury vessels saving owners considerable time and money.

Brushing has several advantages over spraying. It is better controlled and does not require protective shelters or hauling to apply. The artesian has better control of the product and is able to flow onto the surface an exceptionally uniform thickness. In addition to reducing environmental impact, the vessel is able to comingle other services simultaneously. This results in less downtime and less overall expense.

The Bristol Choice

The company has a rich history of producing quality finishes on vessels of all sizes. The pinnacle of jobs was performed on the $100 million vessel Phoenix, a 207’ Lurssen. The coatings and finishes were outstanding – the depth and sheen far exceeded even the best sprayed process.

Robert White, Bristol’s founder prefers brushing over spraying for numerous reasons; but largely because of paints unique characteristics. “No two cans of paint are exactly alike. Many factors affect how the product performs during the application process. The experienced artisan understands its quirky nature and adjusts the formulary with accelerators, retardants, and flow control agents. The successful application process is underscored by taking into consideration the unique condition of every vessel serviced. The proper preparation and faring is as important, as the final application products.”